Why Do Therapy ‘On The Go’?

Physical activity is an essential component to your overall health and wellness – known for reducing your risk of acquiring chronic health conditions as well as improving your chances of living longer! The CDC recommends that the average adult get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and do muscle strengthening exercises at least two days/week that work all muscle groups.

Sound simple? Or daunting? Well, reality tells us that many Americans find this just way too difficult to work into their schedules. In fact, the CDC estimates that only half of all adults get the recommended amounts. Why? Top reasons most Americans cite for not exercising: Lack of time, and inconvenience. Add a chronic health condition and/or rehabilitation needs, and you have significant hurdles to improving your health.

So how do you overcome these obstacles? One very effective way is to incorporate your physical activity into your daily routine, including but not limited to, your workplace! With an average of 7.5 hours spent in the workplace, it is no wonder that most Americans feel a time crunch.

Rehab on the Run is uniquely positioned to assist those with rehabilitation/maintenance program needs, chronic health conditions, and those at high risk by providing them with exercise programs specifically designed by licensed physical and occupational therapists. And those same therapists are available to meet you at the most convenient place and time for you!

Want someone to come to your home but have been told you don’t qualify for this type of therapy? No worries, schedule with us and we will meet you there! Feel like exercising while working or on your lunch break? We can meet you there too! Insurance no longer covering your therapy? As an affordable private pay service, all you have to worry about is meeting your own expectations!

We’re just a call away – what are you waiting for?!

Image courtesy of cdc.gov
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