Cut the Red Tape Out of Your Wellness Plan

There are many things that can support a healthy lifestyle, but waiting for therapy, having limited access to services, and dealing with long commutes are not among them. Rehab on the Run works to eliminate any barriers to your health needs by offering exceptional, personalized care. We gladly serve individuals, families, groups, and corporations in their preferred setting - including at home, work, or another suitable location.

We Believe in Quality of Care For Your Quality of Life!

In addition to providing a full range of therapeutic and wellness services, our practitioners are licensed, experienced, and work together as a team to meet your unique needs. Bonus: you will never need to waste time in a waiting room or a traffic jam to see them!

Why Choose Therapy "On The Go"?

There are many benefits of completing therapy in the home, office, and other settings besides in-patient and out-patient faciIn a nutshell, Rehab on the Run provides high-quality customized care in locations that are comfortable, convenient, and familiar. We offer a wide range of therapeutic options, including rehabilitation programs, wellness programs, pediatric programs, and corporate programs.

Benefits of therapy in your home, office or location of choice include:

  • Flexibility schedule
  • Individual therapy session - no need to share your therapist with other patients
  • Functional settings integrating real life situations
  • Convenience - no travel necessary
  • Worry free - no need to schedule childcare for your other children
  • Better integration of family/partner with your wellness goals
  • Increased control of your wellness outcomes
  • Options for group wellness programs and services