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No Medical Advice

Information presented on the Rehab on the Run, Inc. website, blog or social media sites are not intended for medical advice. Healthcare information posted on our website, blog and social media sites covers various health care topics, but does not cover all
diseases, conditions and treatments. Information posted on our website, social media and blog comes from various sources; therefore, we are not responsible for the accuracy of this information. If you are seeking medical or healthcare advice, Rehab on
the Run, Inc. suggests you contact your healthcare provider. You should never use information on our website, blog or social media in place of a healthcare provider’s advice.

Terms of Use

Rehab on the Run, Inc. welcomes feedback and comments on our blog and social media sites. By posting on our social media, you agree and accept our terms of use.

  1. Please keep your personal information to yourself. You should never publish identifying information of yourself or others such as your phone number, address or information about your health condition on our blog or social media.
  2. You are responsible for following all local, state, federal and international laws and regulations on our website, social media, and blog. All information you post on our blog or social media is public record.
  3. You will not post any material that is unlawful, obscene, threatening, profane, abusive, harassing, defamatory, hateful or discriminatory. Rehab on the Run, Inc. reserves the right to review al comments before they are post them and remove any comments not adhering to this policy. All comments will be reviewed and approved before posting.
  4. Our blog, website and social media will not be used to obtain medical advice or commentary.
  5. Users will not post promotions or advertisements for products or businesses. Any promotions, solicitations or advertisements will be removed, including spam.
  6. Users will refrain from posting content that contains software viruses, worms and the like. Such information will be deleted immediately, and users posting the content will be blocked from our social media and blog.

Rehab on the Run, Inc. reserves the right to ban or block users who violate our social media terms and policies, and remove or edit posted material at any time. Please contact Rehab on the Run, Inc. with questions about this policy.