Caring for You and Your Loved Ones

One size does not fit all with shoes, nor healthcare. That is why Rehab on the Run provides pediatric specialists for all of our services. We are devoted to providing the same quality and specialized care for your loved ones as we are for you. Children thrive in safe, familiar environments, so it makes sense to offer therapy in a relaxed and comfortable setting, such as at home. In addition to offering treatment, we also encourage families to consider preventative care, including nutrition, fitness, and stress management for all ages - but especially young bodies and minds that are still developing. After all, good habits begin early, and a strong foundation of health is a gift that can last a lifetime! Consider us your one-stop holistic family wellness provider!

Physical Therapy

Our physical therapists assist with improving mobility, developing or restoring function, alleviating pain, and promoting overall health and wellness for participation in daily activities. Examples of treatments could include addressing a sports injury, assisting with hand-eye coordination, or helping to improve balance.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists specialize in helping infants, toddlers, and youth with sensory integration, feeding/eating, social and emotional development, fine motor delays/injuries, and cognitive development. These services are aimed at improving occupational engagement, and promoting overall health and wellness for participation in daily activities in all environments. Examples of treatments could include exercises for fine-motor skills to improve handwriting, learning strategies for coping with loud environments, or incorporating breathing techniques and stretches to calm anxious energy.

Speech, Swallow & Voice Therapy

Our speech language pathologists are specialists who partner with you and your family to improve your child's overall communication, swallowing, and voice needs. They assist with such conditions as speech sound disorders, apraxia, expressive/receptive language delays/disorders, and social skills. They are also experts in the areas of cognitive impairments, swallowing difficulties, and voice disorders. Examples of treatment strategies could include enhancing vocabulary, treating vocal overuse, and social skill groups.


Health and happiness go hand in hand - mental well being is just as essential as physical health for enjoying complete wellness. As the demands of life and school increase, it is important to equip children with healthy habits and strategies to maintain equilibrium and manage stress. Our wellness programs for youth include fitness, mindfulness, nutritional counseling, music/art integration, and therapeutic massage.