Hollenkamp Launches New Company

After 14 years in the rehabilitation industry, Terri Hollenkamp has started a company, Rehab on the Run, Inc., to bring rehabilitation and wellness to patents’ homes and businesses in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Hollenkamp has owned and managed Rehab Resources, a thriving rehabilitation staffing organization, for the past 14 years and has decided to create another rehab company to address a new need in therapy. Hollenkamp recognized a need for individualized therapy care available in the home or business. People typically drive to a physical therapy office only to wait in the waiting room and then share the physical therapist with other patients.

“Rehab on the Run will give patients the opportunity to work one-on-one with a therapist in the comfort of their own home, or even at their business during the lunch hour,” said Hollenkamp. “I’m excited to serve patients in Cincinnati in an innovative way.”

For more information, please contact Hollenkamp at info@rehabontheruninc.com.

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