Hydration for Health

By Patricia Barraza, RN, RD The Best Option for Hydration When working with clients on initially starting to make healthy lifestyle changes, I always ask, “What do you drink during the day?” I typically get the answer, “pop, tea, alcohol, and/or juice.” Most clients do not realize the empty calories, sugar, and other cruddy ingredients Read More

feet girl runners in compression sock

What is Kinesiology Taping?

By Sara Strain, Occupational Therapist, Functional Movement Technique Certified, Roc Doc (Rock Tape Medical Professional)   For most people that have watched any type of professional sports or the Olympics, they have seen the colorful tape that is applied to many parts of the athlete’s body. But what is it?  Is it just a colorful Read More

Senior Couple Doing Tai Chi Exercises Together In Park

Fall Prevention with Tai Chi

Tai Chi Assists with Fall Prevention By Lisa Kohler, PT I recently attended a continuing education course where I became a certified instructor of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation. I took another course a while ago but this one was so much different. It was developed by Dr. Paul Lam who is a physician. I spent Read More

Nurse helping senior to walk

Recover from Surgery Faster with Prehabilitation

By Lisa Kohler As a physical therapist who has worked consistently in acute care over the last several years, I have seen many patients who have had a total joint replacement surgery, including hips, knees, shoulders and an ankle. Of course, one patient doesn’t have all of these surgeries at the same time!  An interesting Read More