Tips When Caring for Loved Ones With Dementia

5 Steps to Get Started Caring for another person’s health and well-being is a full-time job. Caring for someone with memory loss presents an additional set of challenges. There are many resources for caregivers, including communication tips such as using visual cues, simplifying language, allowing extra time for a response – to name a few. The Read More

Brain with Colorful Brainwaves

Drumming – Just What the Doctor Ordered

Imagine discovering something that relieves stress, reduces pain, lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety, boosts immunity, builds the brain, releases endorphins, and burns calories. In addition to that, it doesn’t require a prescription, is suitable for all ages, costs only what you wish to pay, and there are no known side effects. Would you be interested? Read More

Why Do Therapy ‘On The Go’?

Physical activity is an essential component to your overall health and wellness – known for reducing your risk of acquiring chronic health conditions as well as improving your chances of living longer! The CDC recommends that the average adult get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and do muscle strengthening Read More

Sharpen Your Brain With AARP’s New Tools

AARP has just announced its Staying Sharp campaign with a series of tools calibrated to help people exercise and improve their brain health. They help you keep abreast of the latest articles and news on mental health, as well as brain boosting activities and recipes! People can now create an account, take a small assessment, and get Read More